The most important room in a house is the kitchen. It is the heart of restaurants, gastronomy and the home. The importance and the design of the kitchen are therefore obvious. A well designed and well equipped kitchen requires an important investment. It is the most used room on a daily basis and it occupies a more than important place to make a house very convivial. In this article, we will talk about the importance of the kitchen, then we will see how to arrange it, and finally, we will see the different types of kitchen plans.

The importance of the kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in a house, because it is where food is prepared. We also use it every day in all our food preparations. It can be a source of creativity, conviviality and harmony in a house. Nowadays, the kitchen is not only a room for cooking, but also a place for exchange, sharing and reunion for the family. It is also a place to learn the art of cooking. For this, an important investment is really necessary to redesign a kitchen, because the design is very essential. It must be well spaced, functional and friendly.

How to design your kitchen?

A multitude of ideas exist to redesign a kitchen. The layout of your kitchen must be in accordance with the area you have. The kitchen must be functional, but also aesthetic so that you can circulate easily and that the work is optimized. The circulation is essential in the kitchen. It is then necessary to choose the type of kitchen that best suits your room. You must then opt for materials that are easy and practical to use. Your furniture should also be very comfortable with simple and well organized storage.

The different types of kitchen plans

To redesign a kitchen, there are several types of kitchen plans available to you. First, you have the golden triangle or the activity triangle is the best solution to have an ergonomic and pleasant kitchen if you have a large space. The golden triangle groups the three most important activity areas in the kitchen. It includes the water station, the storage station, the cooking and preparation station. Then, you can also opt for the parallel kitchen which, as its name suggests, requires two parallel walls. It is suitable for closed kitchens. There is also the L-shaped kitchen which is the most common. It is suitable for rectangular or square kitchens to form a corner. Then there is the U-shaped kitchen which is perfect for the golden triangle. It is suitable for open kitchens. Finally, you have the kitchen with island. This kitchen is the most trendy and the most convivial. It enlarges the space of your kitchen.