The cylinder is the removable, central part of a lock into which you insert your key. Depending on the type of opening and the level of security desired, among the many models available, you will find the half cylinder, the knob cylinder and the double cylinder. The European lock cylinder is the standard 40-40 double entry. It is very difficult to open and therefore the most recommended by professionals. Order yours from a specialized online store.

Cylinders: what you need to know

Also called barrel or cylinder, the best known lock cylinder is the European profile cylinder, the classic of which is the 40-40. It is a 6-pin security cylinder, with protection against picking and drilling (for a few extra euros). Galvanized finish, it is often delivered with five (05) keys, returnable (point keys) or flat (first price), depending on the door cylinder. In order to meet the different locking systems and door configurations, the barrel is available in different materials, brands, lengths and especially with different types of mechanisms and keys. You will find on specialized online stores: half-cylinders, knob cylinders, disengageable cylinders and standard double entry cylinders or classic cylinders. The security features of a cylinder lock can be anti-copying, anti-broken, anti-drilling or anti-picking, depending on the model chosen. To find the one that best suits your needs, ask your specialized online store for advice. However, whatever the security chosen, it is the A2P standard that governs the endurance of the barrels to a break-in of 5 to 15 minutes. In addition, there are also all-round barrels, unlike the European profile cylinder. These belong to specific brands and are less well known.

How can I be sure to order my European cylinder lock at the right address?

Shopping online is now a formality for many Internet users and the choice of e-shops is wide. However, not all of them have the same guarantees, the same level of services and do not have the same prices. To find a reliable and serious online store, set yourself certain criteria of choice. To do this, start by looking at the characteristics and description of the product. Those of the European profile cylinder lock you are looking for should be mentioned there. If the product is on sale, the duration of the offer should be clearly stated on the online store. Next, make sure you can track your order. Indeed, some e-shops give their customers the possibility to track their order online. Also check their after-sales and customer services. In case of a problem (order not received, damaged or other), the provider must be easily reachable. Your online store should therefore provide you with a quality after-sales service. Check that they have a functional e-mail address and a hotline.

Why choose a European profile cylinder?

Unlike the classic double bit lock, it is impossible to open European cylinder locks with a Bulgarian key. This is because this modern lock has only a very narrow slot, which makes it difficult to enter and use burglary devices. European profile cylinders are now equipped with an unparalleled mechanical endurance. They can therefore be equipped with anti-pullout reinforcements, safety rosettes and anti-penetration pins. These are systems that contribute to the optimization of the resilience of the cylinder against brute force assaults. However, the lock is very sensitive to key bumping and picks, techniques that can be countered.