When you want to install a gate in Alsace, you must first define the material of the latter. The choice depends above all on your needs and tastes. This article presents the different types of gates, their advantages and disadvantages.

The aluminum gate

The aluminum gate is particularly widespread because of its many strong points. Indeed, it is both light and robust which makes it easy to install or dismantle. This type of gate does not require any maintenance since it does not need to be repainted. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It is also stainless, which makes it weather resistant. Aluminum gates are available in a variety of colors and shapes, so they can be perfectly adapted to your needs and desires. By following this link you can see the different models offered by an aluminum gate manufacturer in Alsace.

The PVC gate

This material is also popular as it is much cheaper than the aluminum gate in Mulhouse. It is also easy to maintain and clean. The fact that it is very light makes it both easy to install and to motorize since it does not require a powerful motor. PVC gates come in many shapes and colors. However, this type of gate has some weak points. First of all, its longevity is less important than that of the aluminum gates since its robustness is also weaker. Thus, it should be changed after 10 to 15 years. Indeed, PVC gates have a low mechanical resistance and are particularly sensitive to wind. To reduce the risk of damage and if you cannot afford to invest in an aluminum gate in Alsace, choose a PVC model with an aluminum frame.

The steel or wrought iron gate

Steel or wrought iron gates have an excellent lifespan because of their very strong structure. Thus, they are much more expensive than aluminum gates in Strasbourg. Wrought iron models add a refined touch to an entrance with their elegant lines. It is a very robust material which is both reassuring and safe. It gives a very good life to the gate. Moreover, there are many shapes and colors for wrought iron gates. On the other hand, they are sensitive to rust and must be sanded regularly. They must also be treated every 2 to 4 years to protect them from external aggressions. They are also very heavy which makes them difficult to install. To be electrified, they require large motors. Steel gates are just as solid and resistant over the long term. It can also have various shapes and colors. It is usually galvanized when used to create gates, which makes it rustproof. However, its paint must be redone from time to time. Indeed, the different climatic conditions can fade the color of the gate. It must also be treated regularly for corrosion. Finally, it is also very heavy which makes it more difficult to motorize.