Everyone wants their bathroom to be complete. Bathtub, shower, sink, sinks, ... You don't want to miss anything, do you? But what if you have a small bathroom? On top of that, there is another challenge: how to have a nice looking space on top of that. This article wants to be a help for all those who want advice on how to design a small bathroom.

The choice and arrangement of furniture

Whatever the type and shape of the bathroom, there are three golden rules to follow: make the room easier to use, gain warmth and save space. For a small bathroom, it's always best to opt for "overhead" furniture (hanging furniture with discreet legs). In this way, you will invest the space well in height and you will therefore save space below. A well known trick of architects is to choose light colors to give the feeling of space, an impression that the room is spacious. Prefer transparent materials. They are more apt to let the light through. Therefore, favor glass shower enclosures and basins. They are lighter to look at. For a narrow space, this is a considerable advantage. The layout of the furniture plays a big role in the perception of the room space by the users. Placing the bathtub on the back wall is a good idea, as it would give the impression that the bathroom is wider and deeper.

How to define the place for the toilet?

Dare we say it: you have a small bathroom, so the lack of space logically leads you to integrate the toilet. Don't forget that you can enlarge your bathroom by knocking down the partition that connects it with the toilet. This will give you a slightly more spacious bathroom. Separate them anyway with a mini partition or a glass wall to let the light through. This will give you a more defined space that will accentuate the impression that it is a large room, since it has several partitions.

How to set up the laundry room

The installation of the laundry room in a small bathroom may seem complex. Many have already given up the idea of putting a laundry room in the room, so impossible it seems. However, you just need to know the right tips. Favour sliding doors, if not a very narrow door to save space. It is also a good idea to opt for a wooden door to recall the wooden touches of the room. Hide your water heater in a light-colored or even white cupboard. Do the same with the dryer and washing machine.