You are considering buying an apartment to restore and wish to estimate the cost of the renovation project. It is sometimes necessary to totally or partially redo your property. This one can be obsolete or only not to your desires and your taste. The repair of an apartment implies important works, generally of electricity or plumbing. But how to estimate the price of apartment renovation?

How to calculate the price of apartment repair?

To estimate the cost of repairing an apartment, the best solution is to let professionals complete the workload. If you are carrying out refurbishment or rehabilitation work on your own, you need to list different cost items depending on the work to be done. What type of rehabilitation should you choose to modernize your property? Homeowners can choose from many types of rehabilitation depending on their needs and budget. There is no need to completely renovate the apartment, a simple upgrade or refresh can be enough to remodel a studio or apartment. There are two types of apartment refurbishments: The heavy refurbishment of an old apartment which consists in carrying out major works to completely remake the apartment. Your apartment will be completely redone. The simple refurbishment which is more like changing the walls and the floor coverings to give a new look to the apartment. It is a question of updating the interns.

Cost factors of an apartment repair

The price of apartment renovation in Paris depends on many factors. The two most important factors are the work to be done and the size of the apartment to be renovated. Indeed, the choice of the different work items (windows/doors, floors/ walls, insulation/partitions, electricity/plumbing, bathrooms/kitchen) and the materials to be undertaken directly influence the overall cost of the renovation. The larger the area of your property, the higher the price of the rehabilitation. The same goes for the list of works to rehabilitate the apartment. It is advisable to get quotes for any job and contact an apartment renovation company that will direct all the professionals for you. By comparing quotes, you will have a more accurate understanding of the budget you want to budget for your work.

Average price per square meter of apartment renovation

For the most part, the average price per square meter of apartment renovation is between 500 and 1,500 euros, depending on the scope of the work to be done. If you do the work yourself, without the help of an expert, the average price of a simple renovation is 600 euros per square meter. If the property is completely renovated, it will cost 1,000 euros. By calling in craftsmen to repair your old apartment, the average price can quickly double. Regarding the amount of quotes, the price also varies depending on the material you choose. Cheap or premium, the choice is yours, but keep in mind that some savings may not be over time. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the price of renovation of the apartment to be renovated per square meter.