To carry out work at home, it is essential to have the right tools and screws, but also to choose quality material. This allows you to be more precise, to save time, to obtain a quality result and to take pleasure in DIY. If you are looking to build your toolbox, follow our advice to equip yourself properly. You'll be able to do all the work you can handle and why not start a new renovation or construction project!

Buy the basic tools for all types of work

The first step to getting the right equipment is to have the essential and versatile tools. This includes the cutter, hammer, screwdriver set, drill, combination wrench, etc. In short, you need to get everything that will allow you to drill, screw, nail and cut. Don't forget to buy screws, nuts and washers. On an online screw shop, you will easily find the standard references for working with wood, metal or plastic elements, and for assembly work as well as fixing.

Equip yourself with specific tools for certain DIY tasks

Would you like to get involved in furniture construction, decoration or building renovation? You will have to equip yourself with tools specially designed for the desired use. For example, it seems unthinkable to start carpentry without a saw, wood screws or a plane, or to decide to renovate a house without a jigsaw, a screwdriver, painting materials, screws and plugs, etc.

Investing in quality equipment

Once you've determined the tools you're going to need, it's time to visit an online tool and fastener store to get them. You will then have to be careful about the quality of the products: it is better to pay a little more for tools or screws, but with the guarantee that they will last over time and that they will really save you time by minimizing your efforts. So trust the specialized websites and the big DIY brands!

Take into account the different characteristics of the tools

To equip yourself properly, you need to find tools that are suitable for your use. That's why you need to look at the following criteria: - power, for power tools ; - Ergonomics, for a comfortable working environment; - the possibility of using the tool without a cord (e.g. for drills and screwdrivers) and, if applicable, the battery life; - the weight of the tool, for a good grip and to feel comfortable, etc.

Follow the advice of professionals

If you're an amateur DIYer, don't hesitate to refer to the advice you'll find in the product descriptions on online tool and screw sites. You will get useful information on how to use the product as well as any contraindications and safety instructions. If you know any craftsmen or DIY enthusiasts, you can also ask them for advice on how to properly equip yourself with DIY materials!