Glass credenzas can be installed on the wall of your worktop, but also under the wall units. Among a wide choice of materials that can compose the credenza, what are the reasons why the glass one has become the most popular. The answer in the following lines.

Why install glass credenzas in your kitchen?

The very first reason why homeowners opt for glass credenzas is undoubtedly its elegance and refinement. In addition, it has the advantage of adapting to all kitchen styles, while enhancing them thanks to its transparency and shiny appearance. Depending on your taste, you can choose the type of glass to use. Feel free to use your imagination by personalizing it with an image or photo of your choice, or with patterns. Very resistant to various heat sources, the glass credenza is also very popular. It is compatible with all types of cooktops: electric, gas and induction cooktops. Moreover, it has a great mechanical resistance. And since glass is an easy-to-clean material, neither oil nor sauce stains will alter the surface of your credenza.

How to install a glass credenza?

Installing a glass credenza requires good preparation. After cutting it out with a suitable tool, you must treat the surface to ensure a successful installation. To do this, remember to clean the surface well and apply a small coat of paint, acrylic coating or glycero in taupe depending on the type of glass used. For the installation, you will have the choice of two distinct techniques: - rail installation: the credenza will be installed between two aluminum rails. Nevertheless, you must check their horizontality with a spirit level; - the installation with adhesive tape: if the surface is large, the tape will be installed (in 3 strips) along the entire length of the credenza. If this is not the case, just place it horizontally in the four corners of the surface.

Who should I trust to install my kitchen credenza?

Although the installation of a glass credenza may seem easy enough, it requires a great deal of attention to detail and know-how. Therefore, the best advice is to entrust it to a professional in the field. Mastering all the techniques of cutting, drilling and installation, he will be able to carry out the work with great care. Moreover, he has the right tools (drill, cutter, screwdriver, etc.) to guarantee a neat finish. So, don't hesitate to do some research and get information in order to find the right provider.